Hi .How are you?

The rainy season is coming soon...What a bummer!!!

Be that as it may , I came back from okinawa 5 days ago .
Have you heard of it?
Okinawa is the most popular resort area of Japan/
I lived in Okinawa for 1 year ,about a year and a half ago.Now I go there once a year,but always return to Hiroshima.
Okinawa has a unique culture,music and dialect.So you can enjoy a different kind of fun from any other place in Japan if you go there.

The picture at the top is Kouri-island.
It is north of Okinawa Island and takes about 1 and a half hours to get there by car from NAHA city.
On the way to the island on Route 58,you see a spectacular ocean on your left,it is breathtaking!!!

I stayed at the FUKURUBI Guest House for 2nights.
This picture was taken at FUKURUBI.
A holiday atmosphere,good staff and lovely cafe make this guest house highly recommendable!!!!


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