Ukiyo-e wave

We’ve been thinking if we could offer something more to our guest, something unique, traditional but modern.

I thought about my friend’s wood block printing gallery near to the philosopher’s path.

They have loads of selection of beautiful wood block printings and they are very good at finding wood block printings of anonymous artists.

Some of them are very old but looks so modern somehow.

I especially love their Ukiyo-e selections from Edo period(1603-1867)

Ukiyo-e is pictures of everyday life in Edo period..

The Ukiyo-e tradition influenced Manga Anime which is popular in all over the world these days.It said that the Ukiyoe art of drawing had a strong inf;uence on usch postimapressionists as Van Gogh and Gauguin, abd resulted in the development of the newtechni8ques of realism..

The wood block printings are so colorful and fun to look at .

One of the unique way to explore old Japan! Reina


pascal said…
These prints look very beautifull ! Could you tell us more precisely were is the shop of your friend ??

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