Working in a hostel is full of chance to meet interesting people!
This is what I like the most about this job.

The other day, I have a "DOUBLE "day.
It's just like double points day at a pharmacy!! HAHAHA :p

The guests were from Mexico and Spain, and they were wearing exact the same shirt!
I thought "Hum...they are maybe in the same sport team or something... "
So, I didn't ask them the reason.
But the next day, they were again wearing the same shirt and even same pants!!!!!!
I couldn't help asking the reason.
They said same outfit help them to find each other in the crowd!!

And on the same they that those cute people checked in, 3 long hair boys also came to our hostel.
They had exactly the same hairstyle and moreover they were twins and their friend!!!

They were very cute rock stars!

It was a funny day:)


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