World-trip by Electric Scooter

A charming couple who has made a world-round trip with a electric-powered scooter visited my house.
They visited 5 continents, 45 nations and 50,000 km.

The current batteries of the scooter have not have enough quality. One battery runs the scooter for about 30 km. It is not enough for a world trip at all. So they had to have 6 batteries with them during the journey.
I tried riding the scooter around the neighborhoods.
It is really quiet and works smooth!
Of course. Because it has no engine but a motor.
Also, of course, it is very economical.
They said the cost per charge is about 15 yen.
So 15 yen for 30 km.
Also, it doesn't need engine oil. What a economical vehicle!

Unfortunately the batteries have some more problems and the maker (YAMAHA) has discontinued the product. But if they release the improved new version in the future, I want to buy one.


Anonymous said…
Interesting topics could give you more visitors to your site. So Keep up the good work.
Anonymous said…
Such a nice blog. I hope you will create another post like this.
pascal said…
That's great !!! Do they have a website where they speak about there travel ?
Going through so many countries they never had any trouble charging battery due to difference in power supply ?
waruida said…
Yes, the site is:

Actually, they are kind of "professional travellers" who have made world-round trips by bike several times before.
They also left some calligraphy works for the wall of J-Hoppers Kyoto Hostel 5 years ago.

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