Good fortune

I went to Kibune & Kurama area(north part of Kyoto).

It took about 1.5 hour from J-Hoppers by bike.

I recommend you Kibune Shrine especialy Mizuura-Mikuji(

=Mizuura- Mikuji=

When it is set afloat on the waters of the spring, the result stands out.

↑holy spring water

Of course I tried it(←200 yen)!!

before and after

Yes ! I got a good fortune(中吉←this is the 2nd place)!!

Someone said that this mysterious phenomenon happens only with the holy water....

Also I recommend you Kurama temple ,too.

Jun 20th START : 14:00, they have a big event of Jun(← I think this is the Highlight of Jun).

=Takekirie-Shiki(Bamboo cutting riual)=

Very old ritual with more than 1000 years history.

Two teams of four priests compete in cutting bamboo into four pieces.

Green bamboo represent a snake as a symbol danger.

Don't miss the EVENT !!


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