Rain becomes a river , river becomes an ocean

It is rainy season started in Japan.

The hydrangea flower change the color from the blue to purple, purple to pink,

snails are stretching their face and look up the sky on the watery leaf of the hydrangea.

Those rain drops pleasure moss in the garden , let the leaves shine.

The “Hotaru” ”fire flies” started flying.

They can only live in a very pure water.

Only once a year, they appear to flame their short life out in the air.

I went to the path of philosophy and some of the ancient shrines to see them.

Their beauty is hardly express by words or photos.

Rain is grace, amazing grace of the nature and it brings us so much to appreciate.

You see the stream of the life in the rain as you can see it in the Zen garden on the rainy day. Like rain drops becomes a river, a river down into the ocean and becomes part of it .


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