Cycling in Shimanami kaido

Would you like to go for cycling??

I have done cycling in Shimanami kaido which is between Onomichi city (Hiroshima prefecture) and Imabari city (Ehime prefecture).

There are six Islands and seven bridges in Shimanami kaido.
And 70Km... It is the total length of the cycling road!
It is a very long distance for the beginners.

But no worries!
There is a rental bicycle service on either side of the city and at some point of the road.
So you can drop off your bicycle whenever you get tired!!
The buses are running in Shimanami kaido,so you get on the bus after you returned your bicycle!

I am impressed when I went to look out!!! The view of the Island and bridge were great!
I really recommend to visit there and try cycling!!


pascal said…
Nice ride ! Omedetou Mikami-San ! :-) You're a serious competitor for Shogo-San ! ;-p

The first picture is also one of those you've taken yourself ? I've ride on the shimanami kaido too but I don't remember this point of view. It looks quite high. Is this from the top of a mountain near the kurushimakaikyouoobashi ?

By the way you can have a look at some pics I took on this road there :
yuko said…
Thanks Pascal san!!
Im sure that I have done really well :) hehe
It was soooo hard to ride a bike on the hills!

Yeah the first pic is from a view point at the Kirousan(亀老山)where's nearby Kurushima kaikyou oohashi!

Your pics remind me all of my ride!
The pic's of bouddha is very cool.
I wish I have been there!!

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