The other day I went to Matsuyama in Ehime prefecture, Shikoku.

It's actually very easy to get there from Hiroshima.
All you have to do is hop on a tram No. 3 to Hiroshima port and take a ferry for about 2 hours and a half. It costs around 3000yen for one way.

Matsuyama is famous for its Onsen (hot springs). Dogo-Onsen has also served as the setting of a very famous animation movie "Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi (Spirited Away)"
This movie is directed by Hayao Miyazaki and won top prize, the Golden Bear, at the 2002 Berlin film festival, a first for an animated film!

The onsen wasn't too touristy than I thought whichi I found it very nice.
Nice old wooden atmosphere.
When I went there, there were some local Obaachan (old women) having a great bath.
You might feel awkward to be naked in front of other people, but once you get used to it, it's funny but you would feel a little weired when you see people wearing clothes! haha!

If you are coming to Japan, you have to try Onsen! I'm sure you will have a great relaxing time :)


pascal said…
You went to Sen to Chihiro no Onsen !? Wow ! Not too many ghosts there ? ;-)

Looking at your pic, it really looks as beautiful as the anime one !

I really hope to see it myself too, as well as the Yakushima Island which inspired Hayao Miyazaki for the "Princess Mononoke" anime...

By the way have you seen his last one, "Ponyo on the cliff by the sea" ? Which part of Japan has inspired him this time ... ? I've heard about Kagoshima but ...
Unknown said…
hey pascal
how's everything?
Dogo onsen was great! I love it, you should go there but maybe it's better to go there in winter!
The forest of Mononoke in Yakushima was exactly the same as the movie.

I haven't seen Ponyo-chan yet. But some of my students told me it was great!

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