Gion festival

The rain clouds are almost disappearing ,

I feel the strong sunbeam burning my skin.

It’s summer!

On of the biggest and beautiest festivals in Japan ,

Gion Matsuri-festival started on the 1st day of July.

It’s unknown for many tourists but the Gion festival goes on for 1month long.

And many of the ceremonies are held in this period.

I hear a sound of Ohayashi from the every corner of downtown.

.Ohayashi is a happy sounds music which people play for festivals.

The main event of Gion festival is Yoiyama and Yamaboko-junkou..

Strong guys pull and lift the the heavy “Hoko” (‘1.5ton)around down town.

I describe this event as a silent passion.

As it is a traditional culture of Kyoto, people do not show much emotion on surface.

They keep the feelings inside within their mind and speak softly.

But the core of the Kyoto spirit is tougher than any other culture.

That’s why, they can carry such heavy hoko.

Real strength not comes from the muscles but comes from the soul.

I will be waiting for you in Kyoto with sounds of ohayashi in the silent heat.


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