The weather has been very hot recently.The temperatures has often been above 35 degrees.
What a bummer......

I wish it were a little cooler in the summer.....

I went to Onomichi with my friends 2 days ago.
I have introduced about it on previous blog .
It is one of my favorite places in Hiroshima and I often go there to have a Onomich ramen.
It is very cheap (530 yen) and taste good.
There are always a long line when I go there , Normally I wait about30 min to get in.

This picture above was taken from the top of a hill near Onomich city.
The best way to get to the top is by rope way.
When you go back down,the best way is to walk.
There are a lot of pretty little street on the way to the bottom.
This scenary is very famous in Japan.Because it has been used as location for many movies.
I recommend that you go to Onomichi if you came to Hiroshima!!!


Anonymous said…
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