Tanabata (the Star Festival)

The 7th of July is the day of "Tanabata" or the Star Festival.
In Japan, we write our wishes on colorful strips of paper and hang them on bamboo branches.
So you will see this scene almost everywhere in Japan if you travel during this season.

The festival is based on a Chinese legend about a couple separated by the Milky Way.
The couple can only come together once in a year on the night of Tanabata.

We display the bamboo branches for Tanabata at J-Hoppers Osaka reception.
Some guests and we Osaka staff already wrote their wishes - about their family, friends,lovers,
travel, peace, health, dreams..
and they are swinging in a breeze.

Hope their wishes come true and it will be sunny day tomorrow for looking up at the Milky Way.


Anonymous said…
that doesn't happen everyday. wish you all the best.

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