Back to Hiroshima, back to oknomiyaki

After a long while, I came back to Hiroshima.
This time we are back for opening of a new hostel near Hiroshima Station.
There was a small business hotel and after the former owner quit the business, we rented the building. There are a lot of en-suite rooms. We named it Hana Hostel. Please visit the website if you are interested.

As this is near from the station, you can reach most facilities you need. Actually it is very convenient. Yesterday I went to Okonomiyaki restaurant complex called "Okonomiyaki Story" in front of the station with my family. There are 26 okonomiyaki and teppanyaki restaurants on one floor. The prices are a little higher than local okonomiyaki restaurant on every corner, but it would be nice to visit as a Japanese style bar.

Well, anyway, see you in Hiroshima again !


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