Mt. Hakkyo -Hiking in Kansai Japan-

If you wish to hike in Japan while your travel, I recommend Mt. Hakkyo (1914.9m)for you.

Mt. Hakkyo is the highest point of the Omine mountain range, and the tallest peak in the Kansai area. It’s also situated along an ancient pilgrimage route, offering some of the most unspoilt scenery in western Japan. You will meet with this kind of scene when you hike one of Omine mountain range.

I went out around 6 am on the day, and took about 4 hours by trains and bus to the starting point of a trail. Altitude of the place was 700m. So I have to go up more than 1200m. We planned to arrive a mountain hut between 5 and 6 pm. I was anxious if I am able to climb up or not because I hadn't hiked for more than 10 years.

First, very tall dense ceder forest surrounded me, and then grove of beech trees came into my eyes. After 5 hours passed, we met a mountain stream and bathe our feet in cold water.

It was easy to walk after resting. The scenery changed rapidly, it was the same as I have seen in "Princess Mononoke". We arrived the hut at 5:30 as we'd planned without any troubles.

The next day, we left the hut at 5 am and walked about an hour to the peak of Mt. Hakkyo. In an early morning mist, fantastic scenery was spreading in front of me.....


Rocky pose....

late to see sunrise


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