Hiking in Kyoto

There so many temples and shrines in Kyoto as you can easily see once you get out of the hostel. BUT, Kyoto is not the only place for the temples & shrines but also rich nature.

I went to Mt. Yoshida the other day for exercise. It's named the mountain, but the altitude at it's top is only 121m. It doesn't take 30 minutes to get to the peak. Actually, I was on my bike all the way up there. The mountain you see is Mt. Daimonji.

Have been seeing Mt. Daimonji, I had a sudden impulse to hike that mountain too. It takes about 10 minutes to get to the foot of Daimonji where is beside Silver pavillion. This is higher than Mt. Yoshida, but it's like a hill, the height is 465m. It was a hot day and I walked very slow, it took about an hour to the peak. It thanks to good weather, I had a fine view.

(top) The top point of Japanese kanji's "DAI". (bottom) View from the peak, wood of Imperial Palace is the farest green area.


pascal said…
hello Shin,
it seems you had a very pleasant hiking !
do you know that from the Daimonji you can easily reach the Kiyomizudera walking through the woods toward south ? I recommend it to you for your next hike ! :-)
Shin said…
Konnichiwa Paskal kun ,
Oh, that sounds nice. I've ever gone through to south from the peak, but simply followed the way I walked. I'll try to find that way the next time. (0_0) v
Anonymous said…
Thanks for that tip pascal. Perhaps that's one for next year.

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