Korea Trip!

It's been already more than 1 month ago, but I went to Korea for 10 days!

From Japan,the cheapest way to get to Korea is by taking a ferry.
From Hiroshima, I went to Hakata first then took a beetle ferry. It took only 3 hours to Busan!

There's another ferry to get there from Shimonoseki. But this one is very slow...takes about 12 hours, but of course it's cheaper than beetle ferry!

Korea is known for its cousin. Korean spicy pickles Kim-chi are always served with any dish!
If you like spicy food, Korea is like a heaven for you...
Of course they have non-spicy foods as well like Samgyetang. And it's very tasty too.

I like Korean food a lot, so I was always excited about having meals.

Other than food, Korea is known for its technology. I've seen so many cool things but what I was surprised the most was the small cell phone charms.
It can charge money and use it when you get on subway!

For the transportation for long distance, highway bus is the best way. Cheap, frequent and nice.

I visited 3 cities, Busan, Seoul and Gyeongju.

In Busan, there is an old fish market where you can find a lot of seafood. Some are familiar to you, but so are not!!! It was very interesting to just walk around.
And I went to a temple in the mountain. There was a river and even though there were many people, it was very refreshing.

Seoul is a very big city! Nice restaurants, cool shops, many things to see.Palace was very impressive!
I liked a food court in Lotte department store. Their serving system is very high-tech!

Gyeongju has 2 world heritage sites! Tombs are every where. In the town, you can hire bikes, but don't hire it! Things to see are all widely spread and you will never be able to reach them...

Korea is very technological country but still it has the Asian lively atmosphere. People don't hesitate to express their feelings. You will have interesting experiences!


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