The new baseball stadium in construction.

Hiroshima new park as of Aug 31
(a 5 minute walk from Hana Hostel and  
a 30 minutes by tram from H-Hoppers Hiroshima hostel)

This is a new beseball stadium near Hiroshima station.
The construction is looking proceeding at a rapid pace.
This is the replacement of the present old stadium in front of A-Bomb dome.
Actually I like the current old stadium.  It is in the middle of the down town and has a very convenient access. It is also be a very unique contrast to the World Heritage of A-Bomb Dome across the street. Its home team Hiroshima Carp could be a symbolic baseball team for "Love and Peace"... Basiccally I feel sorry that Hiroshima City decided to replace the stadium.

New stadium near Hiroshima Park will be open next spring

However, It is no use crying over spilled milk.
Let's hope the replacement brings good luck on Carp and Hiroshima.

One thing I am interested in the new stadium is its asymmetric field like Fenway Park for Red Sox.
This is the first attempt for Japanese Professional baseball.
I hope Carp baseball also turns to be more powerful like Red Sox ....


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