ASAHI Breweries

This is the vending machine in JH Osaka's kitchen.
I have no doubt that ASAHI is very popular and our guests especially loves ASAHI SUPER "DRY", as it is sold out very quickly.

I went to the ASAHI Breweries with one of our staff because we heard we could drink beer when we joined the factory tour, and it's FREE !
Actually, I'm not a good drinker at all, but .. so what?!

The tour takes about 90 minutes include tasting time.
It has been more than 100 years since ASAHI Suita factory established.
It's so huge and clean, and surrounded by greenery.

The guide explained about the history of ASAHI breweries, how to make Delicious beers, and environmental conservation at Breweries etc.
At the end of the tour, we finally tasted beer. They served three flavours of beer and some snacks. We could drink one pint of each flavour beer, so up to three pints for one person.

But the tasting time is only 20 minutes.
It's so hard to drink for me to drink up three pints, and I had only one and a half.
But some other persons tried to drink as much as possible and got drunk easily.

I thought there would be just a few customers, but the tour was almost fully booked.
They have English guides but you need to ask and book in advance when you want to join it.
It's highly recommended.

Kan-pai !


pascal said…
Eh Nori-chan, if you couldn't finished your beer you should have brought it back at J-Hoppers. We would have helped you ;-)
nori said…
Pas-chan,what's a good idea! We should brought a water bottle in our bag,shouldn't we?!

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