Kendo at Midnight

A few days ago, we have a farewell nabe (a hot-pot) party with one of our guests. He is French who came to Kyoto for further training of kendo. He felt in love with kendo and started four years ago in France. In this year, he met a Japanese master of kendo who went France to give lectures of kendo. He was impressed by the thoughts of the master holds and follow the master's destinations by himself. After the master came back to Japan, he sent a letter in hiragana to the master to ask if he could practice with the master in Japan. The master was moved by his eagerness and allowed him to come to Japan.

He stayed our place for 27 days, this could be a longest stay since J-Hoppers Kyoto started in 2002. I hope one day he lives in Japan aimez pour kendo.

au revoir


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