Hi there!
It has been getting colder recently,please protect yourself from catching a cold!!

Be that as it may,a short time ago, I went to Naoshima with my friend.
Naoshima has beeb entered into the Lonely Planet.
It takes about 40min by Shinkansen from Hiroshima to Okayama,and takes about 30min by local train to Uno JR station (It is close to the ferry landing) and 20min by ferry .
Even if you use shinkansen,It is about 6000yen in total(including the ferry rate),I recommend this trip as a !day trip from Hiroshima because it is near Hiroshima and cheap.

I stayed at 「Dormitory in Kowloon」. I recommended this hostel for the guests who go to Naoshima after Hiroshima .So this hostel is the one of the hostels I wanted to go to.
The staff is very friendly and helpful.I had dinner with him and the guest who was staying in the same room.
That day,I came to this Island from Himeji so I was really tired so I stayed in instead of going out.

Next day......

It the ferry port where I informed about the hostel where we stayed,we rented a bicycle (500yen) for going around the Island.

First ,we went to 「HAISHA (dentist)」 .It is the one of the buildings called 「IE PROJECT」.「IE PROJECT」 is a project by artists and architects to renovate old buildings of Motonura ward , into works of art.

To my consternation, there was a big statue of livery in the house!!

Then we cycled to all the buildings of the 「IE PROJECT」,and went to the cafe 「AI SUNAO」for resting . We want there because the person whom I met on the way recommended this cafe.The atomosphere and food added to in the mood of Naoshima.
I am glad that I went there.
Thanks,passing stranger!!!

Well.we could take a rest , we went to our destinations 「chichu museum」 but unfortunately,the museum had been closed for maintenance....what a pity!!!
no wounder there are few tourists...
It is OK: because of that we could have a relaxed time:)

When we were cycling, we found a big big yellow pumpkin!!

So I tried to nibble :)

Then we were cycling again,we found the second big red pumpkin!!

So why don't I try to nibble it??????

Naoshima is not a big Island , you can go around it is only 1 day.But I recommend you stay over night if you have enough time.
Local people told me sometimes some famous entertainers visit Naoshima,If you are lucky ,You may see them:)

If you are interested in Naoshima,ask me!! I will give good information :)


tina said…
i just read your post about naoshima. i am now in shikoku down south. and wanted to go travel northwards. naoshima sounds great. could you give me more info on where to find the hostel?
thank you!! :)

greetings from ikumi
Yi Huan said…
Hi , helen from malaysia hrre. I wish to visit nashima island from osaka on 5.1.2o17. It is possible to go by one day trip? How should i atrange my pass?
Hi Helen,

Thank you very much for your post.
The easiest way to visit Naoshima Island from Osaka is here.

One Day Bus Trip to Naoshima from Osaka

We have no relationship with the travel agent so please get in touch with them by yourself.

I hope you have a good time in Japan.

Shinichi UENO

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