Bullpen for bikes

In big cities of Japan, please be careful when you park your (rental) bike.
There cities have some no-parking zones in the downtown, near the station and on some of the big streets.
Foe example, Hiroshima city specifies the no-parking zones like this:

No-Parking sign in Hiroshima city

No-Parking sign in Kyoto city

No-Parking sign in Osaka city

Normally there is a official sign to worn no-parking in those areas.
Please keep this in mind when you ride a bike in the city.
The city has crackdowns quite often and if they find bikes of illegal parking, they take them away with the truck.
In case of Hiroshima city, you have to pay 2100 yen to get your bike back.

One day I went to a place where illegally-parked bikes are temporally kept.
Two of our hostel guests became the victims and I went there to receive the rental bikes.
Too many bikes and motorcycles....


pascal said…
The picture with all the bike is impressive ! What's happen to he bikes that are never reclaimed ? They're sold to pay the guardian ? ;-)
waruida said…
Actually many of them are stolen bikes. The thieves abandon the bikes when they don't need anymore. If the bike has a official registration number, you can get it back. If not, maybe it is difficult to find it.
The bikes are kept for a certain period and then will be sold again by cities with discounted prices.

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