The Fairy Tale of J-Hoppers Osaka's Christmas Party

Something terrible happened last night at J-Hoppers Osaka ! Some try to spread the rumor that Christmas doesn't happen in Japan. We shouldn't have listen to these tricky voices and be more careful when a very strange guy show up at the reception, introducing himself as a sushi eraser representative.

He came with two cute assistants who immediately started to prepare mountains of delicacy : teriyaki, chirashizushi, ice creams, ...

We then should have remembered of Hansel and Gretel, but fool we were !

The smell was so attractive, there even was tons of chocolate candy ! The french receptionist couldn't control his stomach any more (some would said 'as usual').

He gathered all the customers in the common room and launched the party !

Followed funny games until late at night. Customers won the Polish golden boomerang as prize for their efforts to draw japanese places and culture, Fumi-san went on the moon,

Manabe-san got children before mariage (shocking !), Yamaguchi-san abused a poor foreigner to accumulate wealth... But in the same time, in the floors upstair...

... the little fairy creature sent by Santa Claus himself was fluttering from beds to beds to hang out his laundry of old socks.

You may think "What a smelly joke !", but as always in fairy tales, particularly those occurring on Christmas Night,

it ended up with lot of smiles and 'Hurrah Santa Hoppers !" when each customer opened the magic socks and discovered a selection of the finest 7/Eleven candies ...

We hope that you too had a wonderful merry fairy Christmas !


Anonymous said…
While I wasn't able to make it for the Christmas party, I certainly did enjoy my stocking full of 7/11 goodies on the train ride back home.

Thanks for the great time J-Hoppers!


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