Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu!!

Kanpai!! Happy New year 2009!

At the end of the December,

we had year over soba(buckwheat noodle) to wish next year to be narrow but long and happy.

We offered guests Toshikoshi-soba noodles.

Some of our guest went out for countdown parties, some to the temples to ring the bell, some to the shrines to pray.

There are loads of people comes to Kyoto for the New year's day because of the lots of main shrines and temples of important sects in Japan are in Kyoto.

One of them is Fushimi-inari-shrine and the other one is Yasaka-shrine.

People to come to Fushismi-inari-shrine to pray for success on their business.

I tried to go to Yasaka-shrine with my friend but it was overly packed so we ended up going to a tiny shrine in the middle of the Gion

We also played Japanese Archly (kyu-do).

Sadly, non of my allow have hit the target which means there is no good fortune for the New year?!

Oh Whatever , We were happy still and kept on laughing.

I like this crowded atmosphere of New year’s morning (after the midnight).

Many people are still out on the street,in this late.

Everybody is smiling ,talking and singing with white breath and be full filled with hope for the New Years wish.

If there is something equal in the life.

That could be the time, time we are given to start new year even if the past year was not treating you kind.

For the New Year day, Shogo-sensei(one of our staff) gave practice on calligraphy to our guest.

This is also a tradition of Japan to write the ambition for the New year.


On those 3nights from the 1st of January ,if you ever dreamed of Mt.Fuji, Eagle or the egg plant , that is a good sign ! Your 2009 become good year.

(But I wonder who could dream about egg plant on the New years day??!!)

Every family prepare special, food for Oshougatsu(New year).

It’s called Osechi, Ozouni.

Osechi is so much varieties of foods which last at least 3days.

In those days, all the shops were closed for many days from the 1st of January, so the mother had to be ready for it and also for that they can rest better.

Oshougatsu-food at my friend's family .

We eat Ozouni, rice dumpling cake

with hot soup.(mochi(rice cake) making is also one of the important event around new year).

We had Ozouni and New Year Sake with our guests.

It was so much pleasure to see their smile .

Ozouni are different in every region.

This is special one from Nagasaki.

They put unique shape fish cake and baked fish.


Now winter holiday is almost over ,yet the good atmosphere is remained in our heart.

There will be some special winter ceremonies and events will be held in Kyoto.

Please visit Kyoto in a peaceful winter time.



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