The first (non)sunrise of the year

In the list of events I introduced to enjoy the new year in and around Osaka I finally decided to go to the Mount Kongo to see the first sunrise of 2009.

Woke up at half past midnight, I had a long way from Kyoto to the mountain. Trains were running all the night but with low frequency, so I had to be perfectly synchronized in order to catch the connections between 3 trains, 1 subway and 1 ropeway !

When I reached the last station before the ropeway in Gose city I've surprised to see two others foreign people. While getting out from the station they came to me and asked if I knew the direction to the ropeway, then we started walking together. We soon realized that we were all French, and even more surprising they were actually customers staying at J-Hoppers Osaka. They have read the information on the board and decided to come. I was very pleased about that !

Up to the ropeway station there was almost one hour walking. It started soon to rain and the road was steeper and darker as we were getting out of the city. Also the rain turned to melted snow just before we reached the station.

After 6 minutes suspended inside the complete darkness, the white and pure snow welcome us at the entrance of the hiking course to the summit.

It was so beautifull !!

A little temple to pray the Kami of the snow and prevent bad luck from what will follow ;-)

And we continued deeper and deeper in the woods and the darkness ... Hiking by night is quite an experience ! :-)

Near to the top (actually not so far) a big refuge with restaurant serving udon, soba, donburi, karaage, ... It looked good and there was still time until the sun rises so why not having a bit ! Everybody gathered inside this warm paradise.

Then we get out again to climb the few meters left and wait on the top of Mount Kongo. It was so windy there, I was literally pushed out of the way ! And so slippery and so cold and so foggy !!

But we perseverated and all stayed there looking impatiently to the east ... and ... and ... and ... nothing ! The fog was so dense and the snow storm so heavy we couldn't see nothing at all :-(

Then one gave up and all the others followed. At least we had some others beautifull landscapes when it got brighter.

It was a little bit disappointing of course but as a strange experience I don't regret it at all. And a small hike always make me feel better, so that's a good way to start the year isn't it ? :-)


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