Winter Greetings!
Yet the temperature is very cold and sun is dormant,
we already started having many requests for the cherry blossom season.
I recently found a good and detailed website shows you when they might bloom in Japanese and English .
Everyone in Japan is waiting for this moment when the sky will be colored pink.

Still, there are many beautiful flowers are blooming in Kyoto now .
Senryo manryo, Nanten, Sazanka,Tsubaki,,those flowers which bloom in a silent season, leave some kind of rememberance like a pledge .

When you look up the North East of imperial palace , there is a Mount Hiei standing with wearing white hat.
And Full moon plum"mangetsu roubai" started bloom with gorgeous and unforgetable scent.
Here and there, plums are starting to bloom in Kitano-tenman-gu shrine.

Yet the snow falls and
my finger is frozen here in Kyoto.
But if you strain to hear,
you can hear the breath of coming spring.

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