Zen meditiation and Way of Tea (tea ceremony) event

Event for this coming Friday(Tomorrow!) January 30th Friday from 15:00

At Ikka-in sub temple of Tofukuji. 800yen (Tofukuji-temple .since 1236.)

Ikka 一華means “one flower” and Tofukuji東福寺is one of the 5 most famous and important Rinzai-Zen temples in Kyoto.

Our staff “Douzen” soutou-sect-monk and his friend’s monk from the Ikka–in, also our very talented staff “Kanako” who is a familiar to the traditional culture and way of tea are going to teach and offer you a precious moment in this temple.

Shin and Reina will support you for English translating.

This small but quiet temple is usually closed to the public.

The sacred beautiful garden covered by green moss impresses people.

Why don’t you join us and experience essence of Zen and soul of Japanese?

Please ask us at the reception or call 075-681-2282 J-hoppers Kyoto.


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