Boast about your strength!!

Godairikison ninno’e, the largest event in Daigoji, is held on Feb 23rd.

In recent years, “Mochi age riki hono” (power lifting a rice cake) has been famous. I’ll try to the contest on this year. In this contest, people try to lift a 150 kg piece of rice cake (wemen try to 90 kg) to dedicate power and pray for their health and happiness.

The winner can get big rice cake!!

It’s my turn.... might be.

Of course you can entry for the contest on that day.

(In that case, we are rivals. Why don't you wear your national team jersey! (like the W-cup?))


pascal said…
Too bad, I'm working on the 23rd ! I would have compete you with pleasure ! ;-)
waruida said…
How did you fight with the event ??
I watched the local TV news and tried to find you lifting the big mochi but couldn't find.

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