REAL natto

Natto is one of the most Japanese side dishes.
The basic explanation, please see the link:

Anyway, we can easily buy the sticky and smelly natto in every supermarket.Normally it is packaged into small sizes for each meal. But when I was a little boy 30-40 yeas ago, it was packed with straw.
In traditional way of Natto cooking is to boil soybeans and put them into
a tube made from straw to allow the natto fungus to propagate. The string on the straw tube is tightened and the soybeans ferment and get sticky.

The othe day I found old style natto sold on the net.
The factory

I internet-shopped some from them and tried.
See the Real Natto !

Traditional style package reminds me of good old Showa Period...

Fermented in straw

Eat with dried see weed and spring onion
(sometimes row egg)

Natto Brovo !
I love natto.


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