What's taspo?

How many vending machines there are in Japan! You may be surprised to see lots of them.
Vending machine is so useful, but it means that even teenager can buy Tobacco so easily.

Therefore, initiatives to prevent under-age smoking, operation of IC card system “taspo” for tobacco vending machines was started throughout Japan in 2008.
Nobody can buy a tobacco at vending machines without taspo card.
‘taspo’card can be issued only to adults aged over 20. To verify the age, you have to apply with your photo and ID such as car licence or health insurance card. Alien registration card is also fine.‘taspo’ cards are issued free of charge and there are no annual fees.

I am a smoker, but not in home for some reason. I personally prefer Mild Seven Menthol type. Mild Seven is in fact reputedly the third widest cigarette in the world behind Marlboro and Camel, and it has been a top seller in Japan.

Tobacco tax is approx 63%. This should be much cheaper than other countries.
The rule is also not as much strict as others, as well. Most of restaurants has a smoking seats. The places restricted for smoking in communal area is quite limited.

Enjoy your smoking during visiting Japan!
Hope not my wife will read this posting~~)


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