As you can feel it from the bright sunshine recently, spring is coming day by day!
How excited is that :)

School year and business year starts from April and ends in March in Japan, so for Japanese people, spring brings us lots of new encounters and farewells.

The team member of J-hoppers Hiroshima and Hana hostel is changing as well!

Miyuki: Night staff
She came to J-hoppers as a guest at first. She liked this place and decided to work for J-hoppers Hiroshima. She took care of night time for about a year and half and now she's leaving to Belgium!

Kenge: Night staff/ Cleaner
He came to J-hoppers as a guest as well! He is a university student but worked for us about 2years as a cleaner and night staff. He will enjoy his life as a student more from this spring!

Tomoe: Cleaner
Tomoe was a uni student and worked as a cleaner for about a year! She is a nice cheerful young lady, we really liked working with her. Now she graduated from school and got a job in Okayama!

Yuko: Manger
She was first working for J-hoppers Hiroshima as a cleaner but got promoted to manger for Hana Hostel at the end!!! She is very friendly to everyone and also a hard worker.Now she is enjoying her new life in Canada with her boyfriend!

Miyoung: Regular staff
She started her caree as a cleaner and now she is working in a reception at Hana hostel. She is Korean, had lived in Australia for 2years and has been living in Japan for 5 years. She's finishing her work soon in this April and will open a hostel in Kumamoto where Aso mountain is with her hudsband!

Kame-chan: Night staff
Kame-chan worked as a night staff for Hana Hsotel and kept the place nice and confortable for everyone. He also helped regular staff alot and we are all appriciate for his kindness.
He's going to be a writer for a newspaper from this spring.

Lots of leaving!! It means lots of new staff are coming as well!!

And also I'm finishing job here in April and moivng to Australia :)

I'll write about new staff member next time.


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