Postcards are available

Hello ! We just started selling postcards of Japan in J-Hoppers Osaka, Hiroshima and Hana Hostel (some were already available in J-Hoppers Kyoto too) !
If your looking for beautiful scenery to send to your friends and family don't hesitate to buy them at our guesthouse, because it can be very hard to find elsewhere as it's not common in Japan to send postcards. Japanese people usually prefer to send or bring back some local food or handicraft. These are called 'Omiyage'. 
If you want to have a look at the photos available, jump to the following link :
Also, if you have any question about them, let's come to J-Hoppers Osaka and have a talk with Pascal. Yes, the photograph is from the staff of J-Hoppers !! And will always enjoy talking with you about Japan ;-)


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