Innoshima Island

It's getting warmer day by day!
That surely makes me happy :)
I hope you all enjoy yourself in the sun!

The other day, I went to Onomichi city to visit my friend.
Onomichi is known for old temples, cats, Ramen noodles etc.

And it's also known for the starting point of Shimanami-Kaido. This is a chain of bridges to small islands to islands in Seto-inland ocean and it takes you all the way up to Shikoku island!
(See the map:
You can drive on the bridge but bicycling is one of the most popular attractions.

This time, my friend took me to the second island from Onomich.
It's called Innoshima island.
There was a very beautiful beach! Here must be so nice in summer.

We also found these things....



Yes, it's very strange!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you are interested in finding out why they are here and beautiful nature, there's a bus to the island from Hiroshima bus center (¥2000)


pascal said…
Your friend ? I would have said your sister, you look so much like each other ! :-) Maybe because of the haircut ... ;-)
Actually the Moais statues also look like your brothers because of the haircut but .... ;-ppp

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