Hida Takayama J-Hoppers reception

We have opened a new hostel in Hida Takayama !
Maybe too late to report ?
Yes, we started the business at the beginning of this month.
But we didn't have time to say hello because of the opening chaos.
Let me introduce the staff members now.

This is our receptionist

Papi (center) is also the Manager of the hostel.
Papi doesn't sound a native Japanese name. It is mystery.
She is a transcontinental off-road motorcyclist. Wild girl.
She was born and raised in Takayama, so please ask anything about Takayama and Hida region.

Aki (left) is a cool surfer, although there is no sea in Hida Takayama.
He is local Hida boy and will advise you about Takayama sightseeing (and how to surf on land)
Actually my nickname is also Aki, but I will yield the name to him from now on.

Yuya (right) is a unique young man from Hiroshima
He spent most of his teens in USA. He is also a guitarist and composer.
You can listen to some of his numbers here.

Next time I will introduce the facilities of the Takayama Hostel.


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