Waterfallin' thus we were prowlin'

Well, it was my day off yesterday and I have decided to go to Gero city with guests and scope some waterfalls. We all go ready and hopped on Aki's car at 8! (which was very brutish to get up SO early) it took us about 40 min. on the road. We had to pay 100 yen per person for the maintenace fee, which was not a problem at all. The hiking was splendid and swell yet we had a bit gloomy and inclement weather.

It only took us a couple minutes to get to the first and the second waterfalls. but Neonotaki, the third one is a lot farther up; 20 min by car, and about 50 min on foot (from the second waterfall)

Neonotaki!! Can you find me?


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