Welcome, Willcommen, Bienvenu !!

This is the story of a board in our kitchen.

It's supposed to be a notice board of some events here, Okonomiyaki party, Christmas party..

But, see?? Full of WELCOME in multiple languages !!

We remember that it started from "Hi :) " which you can see in the middle of this board.

After that, the other guest wrote "Welcome".

Then, the other guest wrote "Willcommen".

Then.. other guests started following in their own languages.

Not only"WELCOME" anymore. there is no more space.

We're impressed with this process, because they started by themselves and now they gave us the great welcome board!

However, we may make a new one against our will, as some writing are already wearing off and not clear.

So, please come and stay here and give us your "WELCOME" word !


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