Nigorigo Spa and Waterfalls

Some days ago, we we went to Nigorigo Hotspring and some waterfalls around there.
It is abour 1 hour (35km) by car. The road are quite narrow and winding, there are sometimes dirt sections.

Arriving in Nigorigo Village, the first waterfall was found easily by the road.
The name of the waterfall is Shiraito-no-taki.

The second one is 5 minute walk ahead. It is not a dynamic waterfall but looks interesting like rain dropping from the eaves. It doesn't have a name.

The third one is called Sennin-Taki. Maybe about 20 meters high,
Strong cool wind was blowing from the basin of the waterfall. Cool!

We walked again for the 4th waterfall, but we took the wrong trail and could't get it. Maybe next time.

On the way, we found eggs of Salamander. Looks yammy. But it is too risky to lay eggs just on the track. I hope the babys will safely hatch from the egg.

Finally, we took Nigorigo Onsen (Hot spring)
Let's enjoy the spacy outdoor bath (Roten buro) .
500 yen

On the way back home, we took another route to see the mountain view.
The name of mountain is Ontake. There is still some snow around the top of the Mt, Ontake. Beautiful.

Actually there are many onsens, water falls and splendid views near Hida Takayama. Please come to Takayama and let's go together !


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