Rainy Season and Yukata

Every year in June, a festival called TOKASAN is held in the heart of the Hiroshima city. This year it was held from June 5th of Friday to June 7th of Sunday. During this festival, many people in Hiroshima wear Yukata and gather the city center to enjoy themselve and to welcome this season. For the citizen, TOKASAN is the beginning of summer although June is rainy season!

We staff members were also looking forward to the festival. On the first day of Tokasan, June 5th, we wore Yukata and went out to the festival with guests. Do you know how difficult it is to put it on by yourself? Actually not so many Japanese people can put Yukata on himself/herself.
But no worries! Our manager has learned how to put Kimono/Yukata on and she kindly helped me and all female staff members to wear Yukata!

Japanese traditional clothes are so beautiful that we beauties became more beautiful!! Some of our staff members left the hostel with guests around 6PM and I was going to join them later. However, it started to rain and it became heavier and heavier with big thunder. The manager and I waited the rain stops for hours but finally we gave up to go out... :(

But it was very fun night! Wearing Yukata is something special to us. We took many photos and we welcomed guests with wearing Yukata.
I had a really wonderful time!


waruida said…
The two guys looks so happy. I wish I had been there, too.

Maybe it is a good idea that Hiroshima staff wear yukata all working time during summer time. Most boys would extend their stay !

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