Cycling Kyoto; Bodai no taki, Ukyo-ku

I went to cycling the other day. Usually, I don't have the specific objects before pedaling, just turn the front wheel to the direction. At this time, I had a thing to see. A waterfall called Bodai no taki which is located in Ukyo-ku Keihoku. Probably, I was affected by the waterfall-watching tour J-Hoppers Hida Takayama had organized.

Start from Senbon-Kitaoji through Bukkyo Uni. , Genkou-an and Koetsu-ji and get into the wood. There is a very old teahouse namaed Kyomi touge chaya on the way. The name means a teahouse on the Kyoto viewing pass. My shirt was wringing wet with sweat.

I had hoped to see the city between trees, but forgot to see it, and have been the backside of the mountain already.

Take the way to Sugisaka, and soon see a shrine dedicated to Ono no Michikaze who is known as God of Calligraphic.

Go to west like a drawing an arc, then pass Nakagawa villege, get back to the Tokaido shizen hodou. For a while later, you will see Bodai no taki.

This is that. A small elegant curtain... You have to carry your bike sometimes on the way back to Takagamine.

Here is the route.

See the map ofKyoto Cycling Bodai no taki on Google map


pascal said…
Oh yes I've been there too last year. :-) The path in the wood is GREAT to ride !!!
Let's go others and make competition with J-Hoppers Takayama ! ;-)
I found this list of falls in Kyoto area :

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