Tenjin Matsuri Festival Calendar

Kyoto has Gion Festival, Osaka has Tenjin Festival ! Not as long (only two days) but another event that you CAN'T miss if you're in the area and if you want to enjoy japanese traditional culture.
Then here comes the detailed schedule of the events that will be hold the 24th and 25th (for more details, please refer to the beautiful website made by the Osaka City Tourism Office)

on the 24th

8:00 Dance at the Tenmangu Shrine
9:00 The sacred float is put on the river in front of the Osaka City Hall
10:00 Dance at the Tenmangu Shrine
11:00 Parade at Tenjinbashisuji
13:00 The Mikoshi arrive at Tenmangu Shrine
15:00 The taiko parade from the Tenmangu Shrine
16:00 The floats come to visit the Tenmangu Shrine
18:00 Dance in the Osaka Amenity Park
19:00 Noh Performance in the Osaka Amenity Park

on the 25th

11:00 Dance in the Tenmangu Shrine
14:00 Ritual Shinto in the Tenmangu Shrine
15:00 to 17:00 Parade from the Tenmangu Shrine to the river (in front of the City Hall)
19:00 Parade of the boats on the river
20:00 Fireworks
21:00 The procession returns to the Tenmangu Shrine

And here comes a copy of the map edited by the Tourism Information Center :

click on it to open it bigger,
check for the eye marks for interesting points of view


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