Lake Biwa fireworks

The other day I went to the fireworks at Lake Biwa with some nice boys & girls.

Lake Biwa Fireworks Display : 10,000 shots / 350,000 spectators

(Both fireworks and spec are too mach…).

Everybody took lots of pictures and check them each time (more than 10 times).

And Everybody had Asahi beer and gave me lots of point stickers (more than 10 points!!)

Japanese Kimono children were always very cute

and we went toward them to take pictures.

Japanese yopparai people were always very friendly(?)
and they came toward us to talk with us in English.

The fireworks were awesome and Japanese beer taste was awesome, too.

(Aaa, sorry I don’t have a nice picture about latest fireworks….)

I had a good time with good friends. Thank you for your everything.

I will get a big present from Asahi Beer(?).


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