A Little Guest from Australia

Hello, it is getting hotter and hotter here in Japan. What is it like in your country?

This is about a little guest who stayed at J-Hoppers Osaka Central for 2 weeks; a ten-year-old boy named Jack.

He came from Australia with his father David. This was their first visit to J-Hoppers, though they had been to Osaka before. They were kind enough to bring us a box of chocolates as a souvenir of Australia. Thanks!!

Jack is a big fan of Hanshin Tigers (base ball team)
It warmed my heart every day to see David getting his son into the habit of greeting every one. We had a very happy moment as we felt like we have been their host family.

Especially I loved it when Jack drew something on his sketchbook every morning. He really shines at it and he gave us many drawings of J-Hoppers before returning home.

This mysterious school girl is a model for Jack always.

The last one was painted when Jack knew about misery and sorrow caused by A-bomb.
「Kids Live in Peace」

Normally it should be a wish every one must have, but sadly, it has never entirely turned to reality in actuality. He described the most important thing to us in this painting, though the sentence is very short and simple. I do hope his wish will be a genuine one to all the people in this world.

With my deepest gratitude to David and Jack.


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