I went to AQUA METROPOLIS OSAKA 2009 which has been held in Nakanoshima park since August.

I was a bit surprised as there were many people more than I expected, maybe because it was the day of the middle of long holidays.
I walked all the way from Hachikenya-hama,Temmabashi to Nakanoshima, and if I could say in one sentence what I thought,

"A variety of people, are doing a variety of things, in a variety of places."

You wouldn't imagine at all, I guess..

For example,


Children bring their used toys here, and change with others and play in this small cottage.
The name is "kaekkoya"!
("kaekko"means exchange in Japanese kid's words,
and "koya" means cottage.)
All kids were concentrating to grab their favorite one,
looks like women in a big sale shop..


AC- Nakanoshima,
The oversized football table produced by KOSUGE 1-16.
We can play, of course.


BIG FISH made by GARBAGE which gathered in Yodogawa river.
I felt "How amazing way to use garbage",

and "How shameless to know there are people who throw away such barbage"


Giant robot, 7.5m high!!

He follows only children's orders,dancing,singing, breathing fire!

The last one is ..
Famous Colonel Sanders!
..Looks dirty? Yes, because..

Please read this page. (Actually it's surprise I could find this English page!)

So,anyway like these, you would see lots of artistic and eco events everywhere.
There are multinational food stalls and Osakan food market, illuminations at night,too.
I can recommend for anyone, couple, family,by yourself to have a nap!

Most of them are FREE and it's being held until the 12th of October.


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