Great BBQ Party in Hiroshima !!

We had a great BBQ party at the riverside just near the Peace Memorial Park with 4 hostels in Hiroshima, Backpackers Miyajima, K's House, HANA Hostel, and J-Hoppers Hiroshima.

The party was held for as an opportunity for international cultural exchange with local people in Hiroshima and people from foreign countries. The place we had the party has an awesome view, we could see a beautiful sunset. The BBQ fee was just 500yen, the situation of the party was so nice - over 70 people joined our party!!

The party participants, a roughly 50:50 split between Japanese and foreigners, enjoyed cross cultural conversation with beer and BBQ until after sunset.

So many people got into the party and had fun, the hostel staff needed to go to the super market a number of times to get meat and vegetables. Everybody enjoyed the BBQ party and cross- cultural conversation.

It was really great BBQ party, we'd love to have the party again to make Hiroshima as famous as possible to visit for people from foreign countries!!


waruida said…
Looks cool.
I want to join the party next time.
mamoru said…
Thank you for your comment, waruida-san.

Yep! It was awesome party!! Please join our party for the next time!!

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