Saijyo Sake Festival !!

The Sake Festival will be held in Saijo town this weekend, 10th and 11th of October.

In Saijo there are many sake breweries, one of the towns in Japan famous for the production of sake. You can go around the breweries and enjoy sake tasting.

In the Sake Hiroba, you can get your own little cup with 1300yen (1600yen on the day), and participants can taste about 900 different samples of sake from all over Japan.

(There is no re-admission to the Sake Hiroba, so if you want to do tour the breweries and go around the back streets, you should probably do that first.)

Each sake brewery also hosts various elaborate events, such as concerts at the brewery, and more than 200,000 tourists take part in the festivities.


The main site of the festival

10th of October (Sat.) 10:45-21:00
11th of October (Sun.) 9:50-17:00

The Sake Hiroba
10th of October (Sat.) 11:00-20:00
11th of October (Sun.) 10:00-17:00


by JR train
From Hiroshima station, take the JR Sanyo Line and get off at Saijo station, it'll take about 30min, and the fare is 570yen.

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The official web site doesn't have English web page yet, so please check the translated web site as follow:

Saijo Sake Festival (translated by Excite Japan)


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