Taco Party in Hida Takayama

We had a TACO party at J-Hoppers Hostel in Hida Takayama.

Las time when I did it in Hiroshima one month ago, it was quite costly since we didn’t cook tortilla (taco shell) and salsa sauce by ourselves but bought them easily.

So this time I tried cooking homemade tortilla and salsa sauce.

This is how it was going.


The homemade taco was very good.

Yuya, one of the Takayama fellows knows how to cook as he has lived in US for many years.

The only thing I regret is we should have made more tortilla before we started the party.
We had made about 50 pieces of tortilla but they got packed into the guests’ stomachs in a moment.
So we had to run to the nearest supermarket to buy some more strong flour for the next.

But when I came back from the supermarket, they had started eating the ingredients and salsa sauce separately as side dish with beer.
Then we had to cook more salsa sauce and some other ingredients, too …

Anyway, I enjoyed myself to cook and eat the homemade tacos.

Hasta pronto.


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