Autumn colors arrived in Kyoto

As you can see on this photo taken in the Imperial Palace Park, trees has just started to turn yellow and red in Kyoto ! By the way, don't miss the opportunity to enter the Imperial Palace (usually closed) for free, until the 10th (9:00-15:30).

I haven't went anywhere to shoot some momiji yet, but this year I think about the Kozan-ji Temple. It's located in the Takao area, easily accessible by bus from anywhere in Kyoto (JR Bus Takao Keihoku Line), and keeps what's sometime called the oldest japanese manga, the Choujuu Jinbutsu Giga :

Open from 9:00 to 17:00, 1000 yen.

Another way to enjoy Nature and Culture at the same time this month is the Kennin-ji Temple in Gion. Its japanese garden is not to be missed if you want to enjoy red leaves, and it will expose until the 8th of November another marvel, the Fuujin Raijin. 500 yen, 10:00 - 16:00.

Finally, in the Osaka area, I really hope to have time to go to Minoo Falls. Accessible by Hankyu train line, get off at the Minoo station (25mn from Umeda)... It offers a lot of hiking courses and attractions.


waruida said…
Thanks for the information.
I can also recommend Komyo-ji Temple and Yoshimine-dera Temple for beautiful momiji in the west of Kyoto.
(Both are in Japanese, sorry)
pascal said…
Thanks for the recommendation too. :-)
I went to Arashiyama and Daikokuji yesterday, but it wasn't completely turned red yet.

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