Gion Geisha Odori

Autumn arrived in Kyoto and Momiji leaves started turning red.
I went to one of the Maiko&Geisha dance performance.
Before the performance, a Geisha made us tea in “the way of tea” and Maiko(young girls before they become a Geisha)served it to us.
Luckily, my friend reserved me a special seat and I could see all the detail of the movement of maiko and geisha girls.
I almost got goose bumps from their humble but very amorous movements.
In general, Maiko girls wear very colorful cute dresses and Geisha girls wear dark color kimono and hair style is much more simple.
You can find it’s so different that Maiko girls are like a little flowers but Geisha has a strength in their eyes and it attract people from it ‘s deep mysterious sight line.
This autumn, the story was about 7 wonder of Chion-in temple.
2 of the stories were about a female fox who left a umbrella at the ceiling of the temple.
The other one was about cats and birds who popped out from the painting on the screen.
Those dances were so real and it made me to realize how much you can express by your movement such as cat , birds , any kind of creatures and anything on this earth.

I’m taking a lesson of Way of Tea lately from soutou zen nun.
Each time when I take lessons, it last 3 or 4hours sometimes even longer.
Taking the lesson makes me very tired because I need to focus and be conscious to be
“Unconsciously Conscious person”.
We need to bend our knee in a complete square and everything is already ruled in the tea room. Not only the practice of myself but seeing the practice of other people is a good way to learn .
If we put little more conscious on our movement, it will make our life better and make us appreciate our ordinary lives.
If you ever come to Japan,,,keep your eyes on and sharpen your mind to sense the essence of this mysterious culture.


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