Autumn and Winter .Seasons of Kyoto

Kouyou(Red leaves) is over .
When I look up mountains in Kyoto, east ,west ,north everywhere, mountains were burning .
So bright for my eyes.. Then the time for dormant is coming.
Those beautifulness brought us to appreciate "How seasons come and go"
Now, It started getting colder and we see our white breath in the crisp air.
I just wanted to recall a reminder of autumn and celebrate this winter.

I found a sakura(Cherry blossom) blooming under the blue winter sky.

Camellia is silently blooming around the corner.
After the brief rain, I can smell the perfume of camellia here and there.
We can picture the elegant figure of her even beneath closed lids


yuya said…
Reina san?
what's up with reinaqua?
pardon me, my curiosity commenced to arise and still going up Kilimanjaro.
Apropos, you had captured the right moment thus utilizing your faithful aperture. The picturesque view captivated me and my pupils dialate as I sit here working. Hope to see you soon and please do not sleep behind me when I'm working!

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