Christmas days at J-Hoppers Osaka

How did you spend your Christmas?
We had a big Christmas party on the 23rd in J-Hoppers Osaka.
The president of J-Hoppers and the manager of Kyoto Shin-san, and another staff,kari-chan also could come to join us, so it become a sort of year-end dinner party at the end :)

The main menu was Tomato nabe. "Nabe" is Japanese traditional winter food, but Tomato nabe is/was not! Somehow it's become popular in this year, or I can say the meals with lots of tomato are very popular in Japan now. Actually, there is Tomato ramen(noodle) restaurant near J-Hoppers Osaka. About the first time they opened, we wondered if it's good or not, but now we like it so much and it's always crowded !

Anyway, we cooked Tomato nabe with a bit anxious.. as it's the first time for us to cook here..
But it was successful! We put many succulent pork cooked with garlic,and seafoods, sausages and lots of vegetables, then all of them made delicious soup! mmm.. yum!!

Also, Sawako cooked "chili con carne(チリコンカン)" , and one of cleaner staff Sachi cooked another dish as one of appetizer. They're also so nice and we couldn't stop eating.

While we're eating, of couse, another cleaner staff Mr.Yano coudn't help showing his magic show!!

One of guest was stimulated by him and started showing her magic,too!

At the end of party, we enjoyed Pascal's handmade apple& chocolate cake with icecream!!
That taste still makes me hungry..

Well, we're a nice team, aren't we?


On the 24th, we planned to present a small gift for each guests who stayed on that day.
We bought many sweets and snacks and packed in a small cute bag.. for boys.
Because, Fumi made beautiful origami boxed for girls and we put some sweets in there.
It must be women's prerogative.. how lucky we girls are!

She did very well and worked so hard, and made 17 boxes in total!

Even when they started check-in, she was making them beside..

We're soooo glad, because we could make them smile and happy with our small gift!

Good-job, Fumi !

Thank you for everyone who shared your time with us on such a special days,
we hope you enjoyed your stay and see you next time!


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