Onsen, Hot stuff and Hot Food for Winter in Kyoto!

It's getting colder and colder the temperature went down so low.
This morning, I found Ice on the road. All the cat's from the river escaped to somewhere safe from the cold riverside.
Somehow, I love this season. Couple of nights ago ,my American-French friend said "Everyone back in US think Japanese people don't know how to relax , but whao, they have Kotasu, onsen and Nabe,, Japanese people knows the way to relax totally"

Japan is a country for volcanic mountains and that brought us the rich culture of hot spring.
We can not survive winter without hot bath.

Kyoto visitors guide (featured onsen)

There are several Onsens in Kyoto, and even in the middle of the city , there are a lot of public bath houses.
I went to the Ohara onsen.
When the dusk came , we jumped on the bus toOhara .
Ohara is in Kyoto city but located in the north east of Kyoto ,over the mountain from the center .
We walked through beautiful rice paddy , narrow streets,crossed the creek, it was a little adventure.
After the walk in the cold air,we soaked ourselves in the hot bath for 2hours, listened the songs of leaves ,had fun chat...
They have unique style outside bath right at the forest. I can't not
imagine if something can be more luxury than this.

There are loads of fun things in winter.
Kotatsu is a low style table .We put the futon in the middle and cover it with a table top.
Inside is heated so you don't freeze. Only a dangerous thing is making
us sleepy and too lazy for getting out!

And some hot food?!

Hot Tonkotsu Ramen

Hot Ookomi-yaki and Yakisoba!

Nabe with Kotatsu
Making Nabe,,,

Nabe is a Hot pot we eat on the table.
Bring the huge pot and cook vegetables, tofu, meat, fish.
The taste is heavenly in winter. You can make any kinds of flavor.
Miso, soy sauce, kimuchi, ponzu,sesami. Healthy and filling:)

When I was living in Germany,,I had to allow myself to make Nabe for myself.
(You can get ingredients from Asian Food stores)

See? You can see the reason why I love winter :)

One more good thing of winter is ....
We can appreciate the warmth of people and home.

Best wishes for holiday seasons and Christmas!


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