Let's go to Minoo !

Minoo is a small village in the mountain north from Osaka. It's very easy access as you can get there by Hankyu train from Umeda Station in less than 30mn. Take the Takarazuka line and change at Ishibashi Station for the Minoo line, 260 yen. If you're looking for some green while you're staying at Osaka that's the perfect location ! An easy walk along the river will lead you to a big waterfall. Those who would enjoy more walking can also escape in the mountain thanks to many hiking courses. In the small village don't forget to buy some chestnuts, and the local speciality : fried maple leaves. Take care to your bags as monkeys are numerous and try to steal all what they see.

This old house is now a cafe which serves delicious cakes !

Of course there are some temples on the way.

Happy monkey stole an orange. Don't try to give them food, you'll get a fine of 10.000 yen !

Old bridge over the river.

So many differents greens, reds and yellows !

The Minoo waterfall.

Gorgeous !


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